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MM.O's Maximum Challenge Discussion Journal

since the forums won't let us set up polls with multiple choice options

Mediaminer's Maximium Challenge Discussion Place
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All Members , Moderated
A place for Mediaminer Members to vote and discuss the Maximium Challenge and other site contests.
Welcome to LiveJournal's own little slice of MediaMiner.

This community was created primarily so that the administrators of the Maximum Challenge Contest could conduct multiple choice polls. However, we operate on the assumption that if you have something, you might as well use it.

So join the community, take the polls, and discuss the contest and all of MM.O's contests to your hearts content.

1. No adult content - we want to allow all members of MM.O to be able to post here
2. No Spamming - this includes other community announcements.
3. Know when to use LJ-cut
4. No attacking other members - feel free to disagree with them but no all out attacks.
5. What the Maintainers Say goes - no if ands or buts.


Q: What is this community about?
A: The Maximum Challenge Contest and other contests hosted by MediaMiner

Q: Maximum Challenge Contest?
A: The Max Challenge is a yearly contest held by Mediaminer that looks for the best of the best in fanfiction.

Q: Just fanfiction?
A: Well, there is an art contest too.

Q: So what can you enter into the contest?
A: Short answer - any fic that hasn't won in a previous year's Max Challenge or BAFFC contest. Long Answer - The same but it also needs to fit certain requirements that will be posted with the contest rules.

Q: So where are these rules?
A: They will be posted here when they are ready. For now you can look at the previous year's guidelines to get an idea.

Q: Who is in charge of this contest?
A: Mediaminer's Administration has graciously allowed Lady MacBeth aka lennoxmacbeth to run the contest. She is aided by her hiveminding partner Lady Lark aka leilia.

Q: You like "L" nicknames don't you?
A: You noticed.

Q: So anything else I should know?
A: Just that all fiction entered into the contest needs to be hosted on MediaMiner, it can be other places, but it needs to be there too.

Q: Oh I just thought of something, how can I help?
A: You can help judge the contest. You can enter the contest. You can encourage the participants. We're pretty laid back about it.

Q: You said something about judging?
A: Check out this thread in the MM.O forums and reply to it. (you will need to be a registered user on the forums to do so)

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask. ^_^