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Yanked from the MM.O Blog

Never let it be said that this source is not a journalist of some varying caliber.

The president of the CCG, Canon Characters' Guild, Ranma Saotomereleased a statement today that he has heard disturbing rumors thatauthors are not recognizing the brilliant performances their charactersare giving. "We give our very heart and souls to these performances andwe deserve a little credit. I mean, I'm a guy and I think I do a damngood job of playing a girl when the script calls for it."

Another spokesperson for the CCG had this to say. "I know Naruto can bea doofus and a moron but he's a pretty good actor. But no one can beatmy Sasuke-kun! So it's really not fair that no one is recognizing thehard [work] we do!" said CCG Vice-President Sakura Haruno.

We attempted to reach our sources inside the Max Challengecommittee who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity. "It's truethat the character driven categories haven't been getting as manyentries as we would like to see. But it isn't the fault of theadministration. The authors have to nominate their characters for thisprestigious award."

When asked to theorize why authors aren't nominating their characters,my source had this to say: "I think it's because they are relativelynew categories and I don't think they realize that the winner of Best Character overall gets a pretty nifty prize."

Best Character is, in this source's (not that source's) opinion, the second best thing to winning Best of the Best. There are six character driven categories and I, personally, am looking forward to reading the winners (and runners-up) to The Big Bad, Quotable Quotes, and My Buddy and Me.

- The News Source

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